Trying to Get a Podcast Started..

Hello everybody, realized I hadn’t posted to this site in 3 years.. I’ve been trying to get my videos uploaded, as they keep getting taken down.

I am thinking, due to YouTube censorship, I am trying to get a podcast going, but so far am having trouble finding anything that is free to use.

If anyone has experience with Podcasting, how to set one up for free, please let me know, the audio side is fine for me, it’s just the hosting/RSS side I am having trouble with, as I don’t want to be paying for hosting for my own reasons.

If you can help, please post here, or at

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Please Check Out and Join The Paulstal Service Forums

So, I haven’t been updating this wordpress site as much as I should, and now that my Annie Haddad is Nancy Lanza videos have been removed it is harder and harder to get that information out to the public.

I will be adding more information regarding Annie Haddad over at the forum I have created and I hope everyone joins (who is actually interested in research and critical thinking)  The forum is here:

Hope to see you guys there.

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Annie Haddad Was the Lady Fooling Sandy Hook into believing Nancy Lanza Existed.

This video goes into the top 10 reasons Annie (Anne) Haddad was the lady playing Nancy Lanza.

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Sandy Hook Hoax – The Light and the Darkness

Is it just a coincidence the terms “The Light and the Darkness” keep appearing time after time after time- in at least 11 articles relating to Sandy Hook and in other false flags?

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LAX Hoax – No HD Surveillance Camera footage released and Ciancia Dressed in 3 Different Outifts

Why is it were’ sitting around jerking ourselves off wondering what actually happened inside the LAX Terminal – when LAX just spent billions on upgrades making their surveillance camera footage HD quality, and making it one of the most surveilled Orwellian airports in the entire United States?

One eye-witness claims he was wearing all blue “dressed like a TSA officer” outfit other outlets say he was wearing military fatigues (camo).. and then, we are shown an image of CianCia shot and bloodied on the floor- and he’s not wearing either of those -he’s wearing a striped shirt and white pants.

Also, the weapon- we were told by eyewitness that it was both a pump-action shotgun and a hand-gun- Then by “authorities” that it was an AR-15.. then it’s a Smith and Wesson!!!, What is going on here?

Why is there ANY confusion at this point?

Why is there so much confusion here- and why hasn’t law enforcement shown any of the hundreds of camera angles from inside LAX terminal 3? WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE VIDEOS??!!!- The FBI had better release the video in its entirety- or stand to become the most pathetic joke transparent false-flag accomplice in history.

The FBI is about to lose any shred of credibility they had (and there weren’t many shreds left to lose) if they don’t release all of the HD footage- and not pull a “Navy Yard Shooting” joke- editing all the footage and not showing any actual shooting or him going through security etc.. removing any actual proof

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Robbie Parker and Wife Meeting with Peter Lanza – Weird Moments

Robbie Parker and Wife Meeting with Peter Lanza – Weird Moments

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Very Strange Christopher Lloyd “Coincidences” in Films

A very interesting video, well worth a watch.

Hollywood loves to hide hidden meanings in movies, it appears Christopher Lloyd has too many coincidences in his films to be a mistake.

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