Sandy Hook Hoax – The Light and the Darkness

Is it just a coincidence the terms “The Light and the Darkness” keep appearing time after time after time- in at least 11 articles relating to Sandy Hook and in other false flags?


About ThePaulstalService

Looking into strange events (false flags, conspiracies) and happenings which are being used to change our laws, and reduce our freedoms.
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One Response to Sandy Hook Hoax – The Light and the Darkness

  1. Joe Flanks says:

    I liked your anne haddad/nancy lanza video. I believe there is a real good explanation why what you say could be true if Nancy Lanza works for the CIA as has been widely reported. I would naturally expect her to have an alias list a mile long (I am sure it is much longer than the list you found). Of course she would be very stealthy, as all of those agents are by design. Of course, given the opportunity, she wouldn’t be able to resist in participating to some degree in the “Sandy Hook Illusion”. Wild horses couldn’t keep her away. Not only that, her CIA training makes her qualified to be the star of of the “show”.

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