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Looking into strange events (false flags, conspiracies) and happenings which are being used to change our laws, and reduce our freedoms.

Trying to Get a Podcast Started..

Hello everybody, realized I hadn’t posted to this site in 3 years.. I’ve been trying to get my videos uploaded, as they keep getting taken down. I am thinking, due to YouTube censorship, I am trying to get a podcast … Continue reading

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Please Check Out and Join The Paulstal Service Forums

So, I haven’t been updating this wordpress site as much as I should, and now that my Annie Haddad is Nancy Lanza videos have been removed it is harder and harder to get that information out to the public. I … Continue reading

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Annie Haddad Was the Lady Fooling Sandy Hook into believing Nancy Lanza Existed.

This video goes into the top 10 reasons Annie (Anne) Haddad was the lady playing Nancy Lanza.

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Sandy Hook Hoax – The Light and the Darkness

Is it just a coincidence the terms “The Light and the Darkness” keep appearing time after time after time- in at least 11 articles relating to Sandy Hook and in other false flags?

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LAX Hoax – No HD Surveillance Camera footage released and Ciancia Dressed in 3 Different Outifts

Why is it were’ sitting around jerking ourselves off wondering what actually happened inside the LAX Terminal – when LAX just spent billions on upgrades making their surveillance camera footage HD quality, and making it one of the most surveilled … Continue reading

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Robbie Parker and Wife Meeting with Peter Lanza – Weird Moments

Robbie Parker and Wife Meeting with Peter Lanza – Weird Moments

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Very Strange Christopher Lloyd “Coincidences” in Films

A very interesting video, well worth a watch. Hollywood loves to hide hidden meanings in movies, it appears Christopher Lloyd has too many coincidences in his films to be a mistake.

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